DC Unlocker Version 1.00.0508

Added unlock support :

Huawei U8110 T-Mobile Pulse mini Android (beta)
- direct unlock
- auto reset wrong code counter
- free unlock for all DC Unlocker
dongles and all Vygis dongles (also without activation) for beta
period. 4 credits without dongle.
- after end of beta period (without extra warning)
unlock will be 1 credit for dc dongle users and Vygis dongles with DC
activation. Regular users 10 credits.

ZTE F930
- direct unlock

- direct unlock
- auto reset wrong code counter
- read unlock codes
- read user code

Sierra Wireless MC8785/MC8785V

- direct unlock
- auto reset wrong code counter
- voice function enable

Huawei E1786
Huawei UMG1691
Huawei UMG1831

- read network lock code
- auto enter code
- read firmware upgrade code
- generate firmware upgrade code by IMEI
- generate unlock code by IMEI
- all versions and all providers supported

Huawei E1550 MTC version 11.608.14.11.222 with
14.15.222 boot

- path unlock
- voice enable

Pantech UMW190 VW

-direct unlock

MOMO Design MD-@ Mini (ZTE)

- direct unlock
- read/write dashboard

Download software : DC_unlocker_software